christmas lullaby

relaxing music video for babies. hours of calming music. soothing music. lovely lullabies. merry Christmas.

christmas carols songs

songs with lyrics. Christmas carols songs in English. holiday music. best Christmas videos. the word carol is a medieval word, a kind of dance. customs of Christmas. amazing video.

christmas medley songs

merry Christmas. an educational tool for teachers. most popular Christmas songs. special Christmas mix. amazing video.

flamenco dance lesson

Flamenco is a dance that comes at us from Spain. it is a way to express feelings and emotions. demonstrating enthusiasm. If you like dance and interested in different styles of dance you are to the right place. in this video you will learn how to make hand movements of Flamenco. learn basic fundamentals of Flamenco. watch hand movements and movements the upper body. flamenco dance for beginners.

papaya song

nursery rhyme of papaya. nursery rhyme video. an educational tool for parents and teachers. so cute.

baby einstein noah

Baby Einstein, amazing animals. Noah and the great flood. Noah build an ark. he build a big box. the big box was for Noah and his family. they put in the ark many animals, male and female. the ark saved from the flood. the waters flooded the earth for a hundred and fifty days. a wonderful video for toddlers. kids can discover different animals. an educational video.

baby einstein animals

Baby Einstein, amazing animals. little children hear sounds and enjoy. animal sounds, beautiful and colorful images. the video develops the curiosity of toddlers. children find animals fascinating. they learn about world of animals.

Ukrainian traditional dances

Ukrainian folk dances. energetic dancing. dance for men only. dance with music. entertaining video.

parts of the body in english

words for human body parts. the names of common body parts in English. this lesson will help you to learn. identifying parts of the body. fantastic lesson. nice program for children. enjoy the song.

the finger family dog

the finger family nursery rhyme. interactive fingers. adorable dogs for kids. excellent animation.

happy birthday in japanese

perfect pronunciation. a special day for everyone. wishing you all the best. birthday wishes. personalised birthday song. thinking of you.

if you are happy song

song for kids. if you're happy and you know it. clap your hands. do you want to fun your child. this a wonderful song. a good way to get kids moving.