the beatles - happy birthday

happy birthday, song style Beatles. excellent music, traditional rock and roll. classic rock and roll song. create a great animation for a birthday party. you can send this song to a friend.

snail's song

beautiful song, a song for the autumn season, a beautiful song for kindergarten children. the song is intended for kids. snails love humid locations. how look a snail? snail is relatively small and has a shell, a soft body snail subsisted raise. he is hiding in his shell or under a pile of leaves.

winter song for kids

I want stew, hot chocolate, soup. winter is here! every season has its colors, which colors of winter? white, gray. shorter days. on rainy days we like to stay home and eat delicious soup. kids learn about the characteristics of the winter season.

Beethoven classical music piano

in this video, you can listen classical music piano. a nice compilation. the best piano sonatas. play on low volume. so good after a hard day. enjoy the peaceful sound of this video. the music has a calming effect. of course, not all classical music is calm. the pianist Beethoven, considered the greatest composer of all time. Beethoven said: Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend. 6 hour of the best Beethoven.

how to melt chocolate with butter

a cream for special desserts. excellent to create decorations. make a tasty chocolate cream cake. learn, how to make a good butter cream. you need: two kinds of chocolate. amazing video.

happy new year 2015 wishes

This video will show you a nice animation. share with your family and your friends. may you have a wonderful year. best wishes for everyone.

mango song for kids

nursery rhyme for kids. very nice rhyme to sing, dance and make rounds with the children. enjoy this video.

traditional mongolian music

Mongolians use stringed instrument hear the sounds of nature. horses are popular themes of music. lovely video.

12 days of christmas song

spread joy and wonder. traditional christmas carols. the little reindeer pulling Santa sleigh on Christmas Eve. nice video. lovely song for kids.

rudolph the red nosed reindeer

Christmas carols for children. the little reindeer pulling Santa sleigh on Christmas Eve. stunning video. beautiful song. song with lyrics.

santa claus is coming to town

santa claus song. Christmas carols for children. hang your stocking. santa is coming tonight. nice video.

children day celebration

educational institutions inform children of their rights. every child has the right to education. rights to survive and grow. it is the day to celebrate childhood. children's day images. nice video.