dance zumba

learning cool zumba dance move the coffee table, and start to dance. at first the movements seem a bit complicated and too fast, after a few times you will dance to the beat. south american rhythm. zumba class demonstration. you can burn 500 to 700 calories! zumba without leaving home.

dance workout for dummies

dance workout for beginners. easy to follow. the benefits of dance. the dance develops strength and flexibility. develop coordination and suppleness. amazing video.

cardio exercise dance

this is dance workouts video to do at home to lose belly fat. to feel good. keep fit and slim. fight against stress. helps fight depression. better blood circulation. an excellent cardiovascular workout. improve sleep.

yoga exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles

do you want to lose weight? how to lose belly fat? in this video, you can learn yoga postures. easy abdominal exercises for women at home. get a flat stomach. a quick way to lose belly fat. amazing results.

extraordinary kid skier

Do you think a child may be particularly good for skiing. watch this amazing video. this kid has been skiing since she was 16 months old.

kids learning to ski

learn how to ski. do you want to learn to ski. tutorial video. ski lesson for children. helpful tips for young beginner skiers. learn from an excellent ski master.

how to ski for beginner

learn how to ski. do you want to learn to ski. tutorial video. improve your ski skills. ski lesson. helpful tips for beginner skiers. learn from a specialist ski instructor.

Usain Bolt and a cheetah

video about the fastest man ever and the fastest animal ever. Bolt is the first man to win six olympic gold medals in sprinting. the cheetah can run faster than any other land animal. so who run faster?

Top 10 crazy moments in sports

special moments caught on camera. funny moments in sports. violence in sports. surprising video. sports bloopers.

how to ride a skateboard

do you want to learn how to skateboard. this video is for you. simple instructions for a beginner skateboarder. tutorial video: the basics of skateboarding.

sport during pregnancy

prenatal yoga video. benefits multiple of exercising during pregnancy. if you have not problems you can continue sport during pregnancy. seek advice from your doctor. benefits of regular physical activity are: reducing backaches,a lower risk of depression, women have a better pregnancy.

how to teach kids ballet

this is a video about ballet lessons. you can learn how to dance ballet, basic position. health benefits of classical ballet for child. develop coordination, flexibility, strong muscles, self control, more active. classical ballet is the foundation for any type of dance: