yoga for curing sinus problems

talk with your doctor doctor before starting exercise. yoga for sinus congestion yoga therapy sinus. practice in nature. in this video you can watch yoga postures to cure sinus problems. alternative medicine. nice video.

yoga for heart problems

first consult doctor before starting exercises. yoga therapy heart. practice in nature. in this video you can watch yoga postures to cure heart diseases. alternative medicine. great video.

laughter yoga

in this video, you can learn laughter yoga. practice laughing yoga. a new therapy? benefits of laughter yoga: it can reduces pressure, tension... watch about laughter therapy exercises.

are you sitting too much?

the negative impact on the health of the sitting. disorders of the heart and pancreas, muscle damage, circulation problems and even brain activity of ... Rating Decrease, seated because "everything slows down!" s it turns out that a sedentary lifestyle kills. hours spent on our chair, we are in a state of lack of activity. a real threat to our bloodstream, our weight and our heart. be often sat has an impact on metabolism, it goes awry. we burn one calorie per minute when we sit. the more you sit, the more likely to be suffering from obeseite. the mortality rate of a person sitting more than six hours per day was 20% higher than that of a person sitting three hours a day. the appearance of the person sitting to degrade, legs thicken, buttocks are crushed and the bust is not it flourishes tightens. prolonged sitting during the day can be fatal in the long term, even if one does sports daily. the immobile position is problematic, the sitting position is not a natural position. man's vertical is exceptional. from the structural point of view, the sitting position the back curve and the whole body.

trans fat foods

what is trans fat? trans fat make food flavor tasty. trans fat is unsaturated fat. effects of trans fats: raise the bad cholesterol, grow risk for heart disease and increase inflammation in your body. this fat is unhealthy. FDA suggested ban on trans fats in foods. examples of trans fats and food to avoid: cakes, crackers, chips, snacks, cookies, frying oil, margarine, donuts and fast food ... the worst food that you can eat. economic advantages of hydrogenated fats, they are not expensive and they lasts a long time. keep your utilization of saturated fat. check the nutrition sign for each food.

the benefits of eating pecans

what are the health benefits of pecans? the pecan nuts have a very good nutritional quality, rich in potassium, magnesium and an excellent source of zinc. these nuts are good for our metabolism. these are oil nuts with a strong concentration of energy. from the South of the United States. pecans are made of 75% fat, 600 calories per 100 g, quality fat. fight against cardiovascular disease. the pecan trees are very high trees, they can reach up to 20 meters high. these nuts are used in pastry thanks to their flavor and unique taste. brownies with pecans, pecan pie, pecan caramel. also in salads to add a crunchy sensation.

How to draw a rowboat

learn to draw a boat. begin with the basic shape of the watercraft. Learn how to draw a rowboat by following model. in this video, you can learn to draw like a pro. excellent tutorial.

Foods high in vitamin E

foods rich in vitamin E . most people must raise their consumption of foods rich in vitamin E. vitamin E is an antioxidant. vitamin E deficiency causes problems. in which food is found vitamin E. blueberries, avocado, spinach, fish , almonds.... great video.

knee osteoarthritis

how to manage knee osteoarthritis. learn exercises to relieve knee pain. effective exercises. reduce knee pain with this video. easy exercises you can practice at home. you must strengthen the muscles around the knee. appropriate exercises and advice.

how to paint a butterfly on a sea rock.

learn how to paint a butterfly on a sea rock. on the beaches we can find flat rock. first draw the butterfly then add colors, blue and black. this video is very fast, you must arrest it from time to time. nice drawing. relish this tutorial. have a good time.

How to draw a realistic drawing, mushroom

the video is fast, you must stop it from time to time. great drawing. enjoy this tutorial. learn to draw a realistic drawing. beautiful drawing. have a good time.

foods you should eat daily

a video about healthy eating habits. want to eat healthy but do not know what to eat. eat beans, beans are high in fiber and antioxidants. eat broccoli, is a good source of vitamins and fiber, potassium. eat blueberry,they are excellent for brain health, efficacious to upgrade night vision.