benefits of mint leaves

health benefits of mint leaves. mint calm itchy, fight oral infections, support respiratory problems. help to weight-loss. watch this video and discover all the benefits of mint.

benefits of cilantro

cilantro is easy to grow. a powerful herb. cilantro a source of vitamins A, C, K, high in antioxidants. excellent for toxic metal, reduce anemia, can prevent cardiovascular damage. you can add cilantro pairs in many dishes and salads. enjoy this video.

5 worst foods for your heart

change worst habits for your heart, if you want to maintain a healthy heart. red meat, soda, processed sausage, mayonnaise, eggs Benedict. foods that are high in fat and calories. protect your cardiovascular system! eat vegetables and fruits!

the health benefits of cucumber

discover in this video the benefits of eating cucumbers. The cucumber belongs to the cucurbitaceae family. a good cucumber should not be soft, it has to be firm. excel in fresh salads. cucumber is very good for people who are on a diet, it is low in calories. its skin contains antioxidants and moisturizing properties. it is rich in minerals and vitamins. a water-rich legume.

benefits of cranberry juice

in this video you can learn about benefits of cranberry. rich in antioxidants. fight urinary tract infections. keep away from respiratory infections. keep cholesterol low. prevent the formation of kidney stones.

parsley health benefits

wonderful aromatic plant. an anticancer food. parsley fight for better digestion. eat a little parsley removes bad breath from the mouth. excellent for the health of the kidneys, it helps to eliminate toxins. can parsley beat kale.

health benefits of quinoa

a video about benefits of quinoa. why quinoa is good for health? it is a complete protein. quinoa has no gluten, high in iron, magnesium, excellent source of B vitamins. can reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems.

turmeric health benefits

a video about turmeric health benefits this Indian spice has a powerful medicinal. this spice immune your body system. turmeric has anti-inflammatory action and anti-oxidant properties.

superfoods for healthy kidneys

a video about healthy kidneys. foods for healthy kidneys. it is very important eating right. food for chronic kidney disease. super foods: quinoa, turmerlic, red grapes, nuts, broccoli, green tea, berries, fish salmon.

the benefits of magnesium

a video about health benefits of magnesium. magnesium is an important mineral for staying healthy. learn the power of magnesium. good for blood pressure normal. can prevent stroke. excellent for muscles and bones.

How to draw a loaf of bread

with a piece of bread, we can go far. in this video, you can learn how to draw a loaf of bread. learning to draw food. a very simple drawing for beginners. cute video.

yoga for back pain

yoga therapy back pain. special for upper back pain. you need mat and time. talk with your doctor doctor before starting exercise. in this video you can watch yoga postures to cure back pain. release stress. alternative medicine. good tutorial video.